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Captain EO is the Answer. What Was the Question?

12 Apr

"Hello, good times"

Some mornings, Captain EO is the only reasonable answer. And at times like this, I thank my lucky stars for sites like E82 which keep me well-stocked with nostalgic Epcot tunes. (Why yes indeed, I did need to hear Angelica Huston hiss “Infidels!!!” on my way to work this morning. Not sure if I could have survived the commute without it, at least on an emotional level.)

Hat tip to The Adventures of a Lost Boy, whose author clued me in on E82.

Michael Jackson Disney Medley

16 Jul

The Best Possible Job blog ran a great Michael Jackson Walt Disney World video last month, which I just came across while catching up on too much unread stuff. I don’t have a good way to embed it, so please go there and watch it (don’t worry, I’ll wait here for you).

I don’t have any context for the clip, but can only assume it’s fairly contemporary with The Wiz, a 1970s glitter tour de force for not only Jackson, but also Nipsey Russell. In fact, I recall when my son and I watched The Wiz many years back, he and I argued over whether Jackson or Russell was the better dancer (I picked Jackson).

When I was a kid, I’d see clips like this about Disney parks and think that all those characters would just run around with you all day, riding the teacups and the Matterhorn, skipping along through Fantasyland. I suppose it must have been quite an eye opener for me when we finally went to Disneyland circa 1976. In the picture below, you can almost hear me thinking, “Who are all these other kids, anyway?”

Meeting Chip

Captain EO, We Hardly Knew Ye

29 Jun

Geoff Carter of Your Souvenir Guide takes us back to 1986 with his reminiscence of Captain EO’s opening night.

We cracked wise about Michael Jackson as the line rolled up Main Street, past the building that would become Star Tours (“Get ready for the ULTIMATE THRILL EXPERIENCE!”) and into the Magic Eye Theater, recently converted from the Space Mountain Stage. We talked shit about Michael Jackson even as we put on our 3-D glasses and the Magic Eye Theater darkened to an enveloping canvas of stars. We snickered nervously as Jackson entered the film and issued an unconvincing ultimatum (“We’re goin’ in”).

I don’t actually recall whether I ever saw Captain EO in the parks (though, of course, YouTube is my friend). I visited Disneyland just once during its run, in February of 1989, so it’s possible I did, and that the memory’s just slipped away like so many other odds and ends (was I really supposed to have already forgotten so many things by my 40s?). My then-girlfriend was quite the Michael Jackson fan, so I’ll bet we went.

Watching Captain EO today brought on the inevitable nostalgia for a time that never happened, a carefree and optimistic late 1980s. (Well, at least that time never happened for me.) And I do love the Supreme Leader, even if only because she feels a bit like an early (and unfortunately less creepy) version of the Borg Queen.

But I can’t quite support the petition drive to bring back Captain EO to the parks. No, it’s not just the fact that Michael Jackson has been accused of some horrible things….it’s the fact that the movie hasn’t aged particularly well, and I’d rather see Disney investing on moving forward rather than backward.

And really, when I reminisce about Michael Jackson, I wanna go farther back. The Jackson 5 ABC was the first real album I owned, and I can’t help but mourn a little for the way this glorious, golden-voiced child’s life (and death) seem to have turned out.

Captain Eo Review from Your Souvenir Guide

19 Nov

I hate to admit that I never saw Captain Eo. I was at Disneyland only once during its run, and my then-significant-other and I just walked right by it without notice (I do have really funny pictures of myself with bad 1980s hair, hugging Tigger . . . but I’m keeping those to myself thank you very much).

So thank goodness for Your Souvenir Guide, because he seems to have captured the essence of Eo in a funny, appropriately irreverent review and plot summary. A little tidbit, from mid-Eo:

MINUTE 6. Jacko and his rag-tags are captured by dancers with metal shavings glued to their jumpsuits. They’re taken to Anjelica Huston, who is made up in H.R. Giger-like face paint and brandishes long metal claws. She’s suspended from the ceiling by hoses, and looks thoroughly badass — almost as frightening as she was in “The Grifters.”

Lord, please never put us through 1986 again. Ever.

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