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Minuscule: The Best Toon Disney Show You Haven’t Seen

2 Feb

Heads-up to animation lovers: Minuscule is an adorable and funny little set of French cartoon shorts airing from time to time on Toon Disney. Based on the IMDB page linked above, it looks like it’s airing Friday nights at 9:45 Eastern, but I’ve just set my DVR to record the whole series rather than trying to catch it live, as I’m guessing Toon Disney might air them somewhat irregularly, as they do Shaun the Sheep and other short cartoons. (I’ve been at home sick all week, so I’ve had plenty of time to catch up on my viewing!)

Some of the episodes are on YouTube, and I’m posting one here to give you a teaser (courtesy of sonhex), but the animation’s so beautiful you really want to see it full-size, trust me.

Kudos to Toon Disney for reaching out to other animation studios for innovative programming! In my opinion, it definitely enhances the brand.

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