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Monorail Service for Anaheim Tourist District?

31 Jan

The Disney Blog has a story this week about a proposed new monorail for Anaheim. Not just for Disneyland Resort mind you . . . for the whole tourism area.

Stop the presses. Did someone just propose a monorail transportation system in Southern California? Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle (doesn’t that name just make you crave junk food) just proposed building a monorail that would connect Anaheim’s growing transportation hub with its established tourist zone.

I haven’t stayed far enough away to need an Anaheim monorail in recent memory; the furthest I’ve stayed is the HoJo’s, about an 8 minute walk from the main gates. But I’d consider staying much farther afield if I could rely on monorail transit to the parks, and if the fees were lower than the ART shuttle buses. Despite having not yet ridden the ART shuttle buses, I’m skeptical and don’t want to pay the fees. (I can’t even blame my medications for this, unlike the sudden desire to purchase Annette Sings Anka that arose earlier this week.)

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