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TED: Dolby + Garniez play “La Vie en Rose”

4 Feb

In honor of Pixar’s 25th anniversary this week, may I suggest listening to this lovely rendition of La Vie en Rose by Thomas Dolby and Rachelle Garniez, from TED 2004? The handbells are almost as delightful as her voice.

Wishery (Disney Remix) by Pogo

11 Jan

How have I not heard this before? Pogo‘s remixed Snow White audio and video into a enchanting electro-trance that I could listen to all day.

Hat tip to Geoff Carter, who posted a more recent (and non-Disney) pogo on FB today.

Edgy Songs About Disneyland

7 Nov

Looking for some edgier tunes about Disneyland? Your Souvenir Guide has a great piece this week, listing tracks by artists ranging from The Dickies to Frankie Goes to Hollywood. His favorite among the bunch?

Artist: Sparks
Song: “Mickey Mouse”
What iTunes should charge: 99 cents

Life’s most satisfying truths are often its most bizarre and unlikely. Take this one: One of the best songs ever written about Disneyland came from two guys, Ron and Russell Mael, who I am fairly certain have never been there. It was on an album called “Angst in My Pants,” the cover of which features one of the Maels — Ron, the one with the Hitler-like mustache — in a bridal gown.

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