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What Will Happen to DVC Prices?

25 Jul

My Jentasmic! column at StudiosCentral this week indulges in a little real estate speculation. I can’t claim to have any answers…but I do have a whole lot of questions!

Gas prices are high, airlines are cutting flights, and these days you can’t always check even a single suitcase at the airport without paying a fee. “Staycations” are apparently gaining in popularity, as evidenced not only by the coinage of the phrase, but also by local economic indicators. Everything points to vacation tourism going to hell in a handbasket… which doesn’t seem to bode well for timeshare values in Orlando. On the other hand, that certainly seems to be good news for prospective buyers, who might snap up some great bargains as cash-strapped owners sell, and as financial woes prevent others from buying in.

But what, if anything, will this mean for the value of Disney Vacation Club points? So far, the Orlando tourist economy seems to be holding up better than much of the nation, but some predict that won’t last. And of course, if the nation’s economy continues to falter, plenty of people may need to put their DVC points on the resale market, as airfares, gas prices, and job losses make vacations financially untenable (remember folks, those official unemployment statistics only count the people currently collecting benefits, which don’t include the long-term unemployed or the significantly under-employed).

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