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Headline of the Day: “Animatronic staff facing layoffs”

14 Jun

Just spotted this headine on the DIS News:

Animatronic staff facing layoffs

Maybe I’m still too groggy from a long day yesterday, but my first response was “what, they’re cutting back on the number of AA figs? Are electricity rates really rising that quickly?”

But no, it’s not actually the animatronics they may be cutting back on, it’s the Imagineers that create the animatronics.

An internal memo to Disney’s Imagineering staff has surfaced and indicates that the company will be using outside vendors to build future animatronic figures.

The June 12 memo was authored by Bruce Vaughn (Chief Creative Executive), Craig Russell (Chief Development and Delivery Executive), and Kevin Eld (Vice President of Disney Creative Production.

Marilyn Waters, Imagineering spokesperson, confirmed that outsourcing is being sought as a means to alleviate the demands placed on the in-house staff. What has not been addressed are concerns that this will lead to cutbacks in the Imagineering staff.

I happen to believe that outsourcing isn’t good for the long-term creativity and teamwork of Imagineering. So, here’s hoping that the use of outside vendors will be extremely limited.

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