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Peter Mahew to Appear Again at Star Wars Weekends?

19 Feb

Do I wish I were going to Star Wars Weekends 2009, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Absolutely! Especially given that Peter Mahew seems to be appearing again, according to his website and StudiosCentral.com.

And here’s another Star Wars LOL, just because.

Not That I’m Looking Forward to Star Wars Weekend . . .

29 Feb

. . . but my countdown ticker on DisFriends reminds me that I’ll be there in 3 months and 3 weeks.

Bits and pieces of news emerge from time to time at Hochberg’s Star Wars Weekends site. I so totally wish I could be there for weekend 2, to meet Peter Mayhew! Plus there’s also a cool party planned for weekend 1, which I truly wish I could attend. Alas, business travel and the academic calendar have conspired to prevent me from getting to either of those weekends . . . but I’m sure I’ll have a blast anyway, and can hardly wait to hear who the guests will be when I’m in town.

And hey Lisa, a message to you, since you are of course far, far younger than me:

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