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Gayest WDW Today Podcast Ever!

18 Sep

Episode 310 of the WDW Today Podcast is totally gay – and you know, coming from me this is a compliment on the highest order. Our WDW Today buddies interview the authors of Queens in the Kingdom: The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Guide to the Disney Theme Parks, and it’s genius. Best Holy Land Experience reference ever! And you’ve just gotta love a show that prompts one listener to leave this comment: “The bitter, jaded Italian female is a lot like the smart, hot gay in many respects.” Hubba.

How is it that I don’t own this book already? Jeffrey and Eddie, will you please please please start up either a blog or a podcast? Or at least come out to Boston to do a reading of your “Seven Gayest Attractions at the Disney Parks” . . . we got a few queens out here, a few Disney fans, I’m sure we could pack the house!

Jedi Academy to Replace Endor Village?

5 Jul

Bittersweet news for Star Wars fans . . . MGMstudios.org reports that:

Disney has filed plans with the Orange County Comptroller’s Office to begin construction on a permanent stage for Jedi Training Academy. According to the plans, the stage will be built where the Endor village currently is.

I’m stoked about the Jedi Training Academy becoming a permanent feature at Disney-MGM Studios, rather than just a special event during Star Wars Weekends. But man I love that Endor village, especially in the evenings where you can hear the little dudes celebrating.

Big hat tip to MouseExtra, not just for bringing my attention to MGMStudios.org’s posting in the first place, but also for being a big freakin’ Star Wars geek (yay!):

The description of the project offered within the official files is “to design, engineer, construct, and install an outdoor stage reminiscent of the Imperial Bunker on Endor from Star Wars”. Not withstanding the fact that the bunker was in Return of the Jedi and not Star Wars [emphasis mine], we can only assume that such a stage must be for the Academy, although in the file I read there is not mention of the Academy.

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