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WALL-E Builders Group

19 Dec


WALL-E Builders Group logo


Yet again, the interweb has proven itself to be a glorious and heterogenous place. I just got email this morning from a guy named Jawa Lunk, who belongs to the Wall-E Builders Group (you have to join the group for access to the pages). These folks are working to build a fully functioning Wall-E at 1:1 scale. Based on their group pages they seem to have gotten started in October, and are in the early stages of developing schematics and parts.

Dude! I so totally want to see this project work.

Life Imitates Pixar

28 Nov

Spotted recently on the Upcoming Pixar blog:

The real Nemo, found at Walt Disney World

Luxo Jr, brought to life by a robotics project

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