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Unsung Heroines: Disney Secretaries

6 Aug

“Secretaries”…the word feels so out of place in today’s world of executive assistants, administrative assistants, and such. But nonetheless, those of us such as myself who have been secretaries know that while the role is now known by a different name, the work remains the same. It’s a critically important role in most organizations, and frequently a sorely underpaid one.

So, I was glad to see that MousePlanet today has a piece about these unsung heroes of Disney history, and some of their contributions to the entertainment we’ve all enjoyed. A brief snippet:

Dolores Scott started at the Disney Studio in 1930 and became secretary to Roy O. Disney and then later to Walt. She was stationed outside of his office and controlled access to the inner sanctum. For decades, she was the primary “gate keeper” for anyone wanting to see Walt. She worked for Walt from 1930 until she retired in 1965.

“The Hyperion studio was a fun place to work. Everyone was so young and excited about what was being created. We all worked like dogs, but we enjoyed every minute of it,” she remembered in later years.

Scott had her own office. Walt paid little attention to his own personal bank account which Scott fortunately supervised. Roy often asked her, “How are Walt’s finances? Don’t let him get involved in some crazy scheme. Let me know if there’s something that doesn’t seem right.”

(Hat tip: Disney History)

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