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Flash Mountain Harassment Suit Close to Settlement

28 Jun

From Boston.com (via The Disney Blog):

A settlement is underway in a federal lawsuit that states that Lawrence [Massachusetts] city officials failed to take proper action after learning that the city clerk allegedly sexually harassed an employee by using the woman’s office computer to view pornographic websites and making sexually explicit comments.

The Disney connection?

In 1998, Padellaro’s lawsuit alleges, McGravey began visiting pornographic websites, including one called “Flash Mountain,” which posts photographs of women exposing their breasts on a ride at Disney World. McGravey, in court filings, admits that in 1998 and 1999, he occasionally logged on to inappropriate websites from various locations at work, and that he and other city employees logged onto the “Flash Mountain” website.

Seven Dwarfs Say Buy War Bonds!

31 May

This is one of several vintage Disney cartoons which have shown up in their entirety recently on YouTube. I believe this is one of the many which slipped into the public domain; if I’m wrong the link above will no doubt break soon. It’s also available as part of the On the Front Lines DVD tin.

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