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The Brave Little Mars Phoenix

31 Oct

Mr. Broke Hoedown (aka Collateral Damage) has a great post this week about the demise of the Mars Phoenix rover, which he likens to both The Brave Little Toaster and WALL-E.

None of my technical knowledge did anything to prevent me getting a bit teary when I read a few of those final tweets from outer space. I’m still hoping we hear from Phoenix a few more times, and at the same time I don’t know if my heart can stand a longer good-bye.

And hey, on a cheerier note, he’s also got an interesting post about a Japanese man who’s pushing for the right to marry a cartoon character. Or maybe that’s more depressing, I’m not sure.

Got Any Questions for God?

8 May

I had no idea that the supreme deity was Thomas Disch, creator of Disney’s The Brave Little Toaster, but apparently that is the case. Or, at least Disch says that’s the case, as reported on BoingBoing:

A reader writes, “In preparation for the release of his newest book The Word of God, respected New Wave SF writer Thomas M. Disch (The Brave Little Toaster, Camp Concentration) has revealed himself to be God and is now taking questions from the faithful at his blog.”

Head on over here if you’ve got questions. Apparently, he’s got answers.

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