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Why No Love for Frequent Disney Guests?

22 Aug

Anybody who knows the details of my June trip to Star Wars Weekends knows that I’m a big fan of hotel points and frequent flier miles! I don’t travel enough to rack up as many as I’d like…but I can be very creative with what I’ve got! On a five night trip, I stayed in four different hotels, and only had to pony up cash at one of them.

So, my Jentasmic! column this week on StudiosCentral has a bit of a rant about Disney’s lack of any such program for its resort hotels, or any cheapo tidbits for those who visit multiple Disney Parks around the world.

Now, one might think that Disney doesn’t really need to provide these perks or discounts, given the high occupancy rates at its resorts. One might also argue that such niceties for repeat guests goes against the democratic vibe of Disney Parks, where every Guest is special. But doesn’t Disney already provide special perks for those who spend more money (ie, more amenities at Deluxe than Value resorts), or make a longer-term investment in their Disney vacations (ie, Disney Vacation Club member discounts)? Why would it then be inconsistent to implement a hotel points system, ala Hilton HHonors or Starwood Points, to reward the greater long-term investment of frequent Guests?

Grumble grumble grumble.

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