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Fabulous Ursula Costume at PortConMaine

7 Jul

My photography skills can’t even begin to do her justice! I spotted this beautiful cosplay Ursula Saturday afternoon at PortConMaine, an anime and gaming convention in Portland.

Also spotted at PortCon was this little familiar-looking guy, tucked in amongst the Pokemon characters in the vendors room, with Jack Skellington to his right:

I do so love anime conventions! Always a good place to wave the freak flag, and where else will you find movies like Gegege no Kitaro, a live action film in which the main character’s father is an eyeball? I spent just a day at PortCon, which whetted my appetite for ConnectiCon next month in Hartford. Which, uh, reminded me that I really need to get in gear on that Chimchar costume for my son The Wachamacallit…so I pulled out the project again tonight and made a little progress. Pal Mickey’s not the only one I’m making clothes for around here! (And oh yeah, sometimes for myself as well).

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