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A Child’s-eye View of Disney.com: Too Much Clutter!

8 Sep

The Wachamacallit has published a brief review of Disney’s multimedia, features-enhanced web site:

They want you to watch this video, listen to this song, chat on their single board, play this game, and rate all of them at the same time. Now I know why they bought Club Penguin. Seriously, If you can figure out how to do things one at a time, than great for you. for every one who isn’t at that level of 1337-ness, just avoid it.

(A translation for those who do not speak leet: “1337-ness” translates into “technical expertise and excellence.”)

At the risk of falling prey to nepotism, I must say I think he’s onto something here, and it’s not just Disney.com that’s affected. There’s a lot of feature-heavy web sites out there. Does anybody out there still read Jakob Nielsen’s useit.com?

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