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Unintentionally Hilarious Bootleg Toy Story Action Figures

12 Apr

From Cracked.com:

For some inexplicable reason, Woody screams “FIRE! FIRE! DROP THE GUN!” complete with machine gun sound effects while his chest lights up like Iron Man. Either he has serious PTSD or a rampaging crystal meth addiction. If this is an indication of the quality of the rest of the bootleg Toy Story line, we might have to take the packaging’s advice and “collections them all”.

(And as I write this, I notice that while I’ve mentioned Buzz often enough to justify a WordPress category, poor Woody only gets a tag. I guess once again it’s all about the space toys. Sorry, cowboy.)

Everybody Wants the Space Toys

2 Jan

Long before the Christmas clearance sales, this Pez dispenser display at our local supermarket was sold out of Buzz Lightyear, and had plenty of the Woody version, perfectly echoing the anxieties of our cowboy hero as he feels his place threatened in Andy’s heart, and that moment in the 1950s when space toys pushed their wild west counterparts out of the way.

Sorry, Woody. I blame Sputnik.

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