Bad PR for Disney on Victoria & Albert’s Banning Young Kids?

7 Jan

Mr. Broke Hoedown, aka Collateral Damage, gripes a bit today about Disney’s decision to ban kids under 10 from Victoria & Albert’s. Why, he asks, did Disney do this?

Because there are grownups at Disney World who want to pretend they aren’t acting like children, that’s why.

In all fairness, it’s probably a great marketing move for the restaurant and its customers but it presents a PR nightmare.

I’ve been surprised actually that Disney hasn’t taken much flack for this in the press, but ya never know how much mud could get splattered by one random pissed-off guest. I was surprised to see how much mileage the “Disney’s holding my photos hostage” story got over the past couple weeks. Will there eventually be a “Disney won’t let me feed by kids” scandal?

2 Responses to “Bad PR for Disney on Victoria & Albert’s Banning Young Kids?”

  1. Eric January 8, 2008 at 7:53 am #

    I doubt there will be a “can’t feed my kid” scandal, because of the plethora of other dining options scattered all over WDW. Apparently, V&A only had a few families a month, so the new policy will not have a large effect on most of the patrons.

    Palo on the Disney Cruise Line is also adults only, and there is no controversy over that. Perhaps because it has always been adult only, and wasn’t changed. ??

    Overall, I don’t think this is a major controversy, as I wouldn’t suspect there are many parents that are taking little 6 year old Timmy out for a $40 filet mignon dinner.

  2. Jeff January 9, 2008 at 10:58 am #

    I think it’s great and about time. I’ve lost track of how many nice meals at fancy restaurants have been spoiled because some bratty kid nearby (with clueless parents) is whining or screaming. My wife and I don’t get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant for a special occasion in order to sit next to a kid running around the room in bare feet and shorts screaming or coming up to us and looking at what’s on our table—while the parent or parents just sit and do nothing.

    Thank you Disney!!!!

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