Guerrilla Art: Mr. and Mr. Disney Wedding Pins

7 Feb
Mr and Mr Wedding Pins at Disney Earport MCO

Spotted at the MCO Disney Earport

Spotting this “Mister and Mister” wedding pin set at the MCO Disney Earport store a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t help but wonder. Did someone put the two grooms pins together on one card just to make a point about same-sex marriage? Or was this the aftereffect of a lesbian couple rearranging the pin cards so that they could have the two brides pins? Or perhaps it’s a bit of impromptu performance art?

In any case, it made me smile.

One Response to “Guerrilla Art: Mr. and Mr. Disney Wedding Pins”

  1. Snowy May 4, 2015 at 6:03 pm #

    I know this was posted awhile ago but I was looking for a picture of this and come across it. I saw the same thing at WDW a little while ago. Only saw them in ONE shop in Animal Kingdom but I wondered the same and checked the ones behind it so either it’s legit or someone went through the trouble of changing a whole rack though I didn’t see any Mrs. Mrs. ones so I don’t think so….

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