Who’s Jennifer?



Jennifer (formerly known here as Kitty-chan) fell in love with Disney as a kid growing up in Northern California, in the midst of the 1970s Marin County cultural revolution. Disneyland was a place where the rules were clear, magic was afoot, and the good guys always won.

She started this blog for the same reason countless other Disney fan sites have cropped up . . . she feared that her family and friends were tired of her Disney-related ramblings, and hoped to spare them by rambling online instead. You, dear readers, may be helping to preserve her family harmony.

She’s also noticed that most Disney fan sites require participants to keep everything PG at all times. Jennifer herself is rated NC-17, and while she can keep it in check when she needs to, why bother in her own personal blog? She hopes that a few people here and there might enjoy her blog, but doesn’t promise that it’ll always be appropriate reading for children. She’s also not the type to keep her political opinions to herself, so they’ll show up here too.

When she’s not rambling about Disney, Jennifer can be found fighting off her mid-life crisis in various ways: singing in an electronic power duo, attending anime conventions, and working with her fellow geeks in the field of research computing. She is also the co-host of the Those Darn Cats podcast, and the author of Jentasmic! at StudiosCentral.

As for the blog title . . . a special tip o’ the mouse ears to Eric from MouseGuest.com for being the first to correctly identify the hacked reference to Baroque Hoedown, the main theme music for what Jennifer will always think of as The Main Street Electrical Parade (as she wipes a sentimental tear from her cheek).

Jennifer would love to hear from you. She’s also glad to review just about any Disney-related item you might send her, but understand that she’s gonna shoot from the hip, and will also disclose if she’s received a review copy just so everything’s on the up-and-up. Drop her a note at jennifer@thosedarncats.net .

3 Responses to “Who’s Jennifer?”

  1. Eric August 30, 2006 at 9:45 pm #

    The blog title is a clever nod to “Baroque Hoedown” the theme song played during Disney’s Electric Parade. The parade is now performed at Disney’s California Adventure, and is IMO, Disney’s best parade.


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