Star Tours II Video Preview

12 Sep

I guess the rumors had to be true sooner or later, right? It’s just been announced that Star Tours 2 in 3D will debut at Disneyland in 2011. I haven’t heard word yet about when it hits Walt Disney World (or the other Parks worldwide for that matter), but I’ll bet by the time you’re reading this there’s word on the interwebs somewhere.

According to this audio clip, Star Tours will close down in October 2010. (And yeah, when the guy on the clip says the 508 is on stage, I do believe he means the 501st, whom I love more than a little.)

I’m gonna miss Rex!

Update: The Disney Blog says Walt Disney World will also receive the update in 2011.

One Response to “Star Tours II Video Preview”

  1. Geoff Carter September 13, 2009 at 1:11 am #

    1. So exciting! I’m trying to imagine what an actual line of people waiting to get into the DL “Star Tours” could look like today. That’s a sight I haven’t witnessed since 1989.

    2. Regarding the footage: I hope that this is A) reeeeeeallly early concept work and B) that it gains something when viewed in 3-D, because what I’m looking at right now is damned close to a PS2 cut scene. Dear Messrs. Lucas and Baxter: More model work less CG plz thx.

    3. I’ll bet you dollars to druggats that the reason “Captain EO’s” return wasn’t announced today is because Lucasfilm is giving it the “special edition” treatment. Maybe trying to find a cameo for Jar Jar.

    4. That Sebulba is a real dickweed.

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