Tr2n Using Motion Capture? What Does Pixar Think?

13 Oct (via Geoff Carter‘s shared RSS items) tells me that Tron 2.0 is using motion-capture:

Kevin Flynn actor Jeff Bridges gushed about the sequel to Tron, and what it’s like making a movie of light cycle goodness in motion capture. If there was any doubt that TR2N was going to be bushels of awesome and heaps of greatness, I think Disney’s wise decision to use the best technology in the movie business right now has sealed the deal.

Now, this might not be all that noteable, except for the fact that there are certainly a few of us who interpret Pixar’s short “Lifted” as a bit of a dig against the use of motion-capture for animation, which some view as kinda cheaty. Plus, at the end of Ratatouille (the film that “Lifted” played with, there’s another jab, as noted by

And speaking of mocap: Pixar takes a great swipe at motion-capture animation with a cheeky “100% Motion Capture Free!” certificate tacked onto the very ass end of the final credits. Take *that* Zemekis/creators of Monster House/etc!

Now of course, Tron 2.0 might not be using mo-cap for animation…it might be entirely for other types of effects. Still, though, it’s kinda funny.

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