DisneyQuest Closing October 2007?

19 Apr

Rumors of DisneyQuest’s imminent demise have floated for years. But I was never so thoroughly convinced as when I heard it mentioned on Episode 245 of WDW Today (at about 10 minutes into the podcast). According to Mike Scopa, DisneyQuest will likely close “anytime after October 1” (but perhaps as late as January 2008) and be replaced (as long rumored) with an ESPN Zone, to open October 2008.

Darn. I do hope they hang onto a couple of the attractions, either incorporating them into the new ESPN Zone or bringing them to the resorts or parks. CyberSpace Mountain works just fine at Disney Studios Paris, and I’ll bet it would fit fairly well at Epcot. I’m sure they could also find a spot somewhere for my son’s favorite DisneyQuest attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold. But I gotta admit, I’ve got no great love for most of the rest of DisneyQuest. If they’re not going to invest further in its development, I agree that it’s time for it to go.

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