Two New Disney Projects in Asia?

9 May

According to DIS News, Disney and the Oriental Land Company (which owns and operates Tokyo Disneyland are planning a new “entertainment facility” outside Tokyo:

The facility, which will be all indoors, will include retail stores and restaurants and will be located in a “city outside of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area,” the Tokyo-based company said in a release.

I’d love to know where they’re going to build it. My first thought was of Oita prefecture, a vacation favorite among the Japanese (and the home of Sanrio Harmonyland), but given the lovely weather I can’t imagine they’d put an all-indoor facility there. Maybe Osaka, given the proximity of an international airport and overall ease of transportation?

Another DIS News story reports that Disney’s working on a park in India:

Walt Disney Co. has approached the Government for land to build a theme park near the national capital, an official said on Sunday, in a move to tap a potentially huge market.

“Disney has asked us for land for a theme park,” an official of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) said.

But I’m a little confused by the last line of this story, which makes me wonder if somebody accidentally re-sent an old press release (despite the fact that the dateline says May 9, 2007):

Disney is also hoping to tap the Chinese market with the opening on September 12 of the Hong Kong Disneyland, the first in China.

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