Curbed LA: “Disneyland to Expand Borders of Overpriced Churros?”

22 Mar

The Curbed LA website chimed in today about the rumors we’ve all been hearing about Disneyland expansion. Some of the comments may be surprising to those of us who spend plenty of time in the Disney media and hype bubble.

There is nothing…nothing in this world like a 100 degree day with someone else’s annoying children at Disneyland and looking in your wallet to discover that the 300 bucks you pulled from the ATM has dwindled down to 40 and you can only recall drinking diet cokes for the past 10 hours. That…is a day at Disneyland. 260 dollars worth of diet coke and swearing that your best friend is the crappiest mother on earth.

Um, I really really like Diet Coke.

But thinking here of Disney consumerism and the need to buy buy buy whenever we’re on Disney campus . . . have you ever noticed that thrift stores seem to be disproportionately filled with Disney clothing and toys? It would seem everybody thinks an Eeyore Christmas sweatshirt is a great idea when they’re browsing in the Main Street Emporium on December 16, but somehow the thrill has gone when they unpack. All of which is fine by me. I love the practically-new Mickey and Minnie pajamas I picked up today for five bucks.

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